ECG 548


This course covers the determinants of international trade, migration, and investment and their connection with economic growth. It also covers macro/monetary issues, including exchange rates, financial markets and monetary-fiscal policy in open economies.


ARE 495/590

This course will provide students a theoretical basis and empirical tools to examine U.S. federal, state, and local food policies. Applications covered will explore contemporary food policy issues such nutrition assistance programs; regulations governing food safety, food transport and food trade; alternatives to the conventional food system (i.e. local foods, urban farming); health and nutritional labeling and claims; and the quickly evolving policy and legal environment affecting food adulteration, food fraud, and national food defense.


ARE 448

Study of the economic forces that drive international trade in agriculture, food, and natural resources. Economic principles, analytical techniques, and empirical analysis are used to explain international trade and foreign direct investment in the global marketplace.


ARE 312

Application of marketing and economic principles to decision making in contemporary agribusiness firms. Marketing strategies, marketing research and information, segmentation and targeting, marketing mix, and market plans within food, fiber, natural resource, and production input industries. Professional selling skills and knowledge. Off-campus field experience and visiting lecturers from the agribusiness industry.

Other Courses

At Virginia Tech

Advanced Agricultural Marketing

AAEC 4514

Marketing Agricultural Products

AAEC 3504

Foundations in Agribusiness

AAEC 2434

At Clemson University

Community & Regional Economic Development

PhD Field Course; APEC 832

Regional Impact Analysis

APEC/CRD 411/611

The Economics of Agricultural Marketing

APEC 309

Creative Inquiry: Developing Linkages for a

Sustainable Food System

APEC 494/899

Creative Inquiry: Marketing Academic Programs

APEC 494

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